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Overview of "Orient Health Supplement"

"Orient Health Supplement" is a green health supplement with effective ingredients from purely natural herbs. This supplement is formed with Radix Ginseng, Mushroom, Gynostemma Pentaphylla, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Ganoderma, and Cordyceps Mycelium. It is aimed at boosting human immune system and improving human organ function. Over the years this supplement has not been observed with any side effect or has been found with no harmful materials from lab studies. It is considered as a safe dietary supplement for long term treatment.

Orient Health Supplement
improve organ function US FDA for manufacturing facilities

Through years of application and refinement, "Orient Health Supplement" has become a stable and effective one. This supplement is exclusively manufactured by Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is legally conformed to the requirements by Hong Kong Department of Health under the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and legally for sale in Hong Kong market.

By years of applied observation, "Orient Health Supplement" is particularly beneficial for subhealthy people, improving immunity, relieving fatigue, invigorating health as well as for those patients with chronic disease, elderly disease, function defected disease, and other diseases.

During CORDI-19 in 2020, China Natural Remedy Company Limited (Hong Kong) donated "Orient Health Supplement" to some health care professionals in one of the major hospitals in Wuhan China. The Company made its efforts to protect those professionals away from danger of coronavirus.

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Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited is registered with US FDA for manufacturing facilities and Registration Number 12513256672

Introduction of Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited (HKIB)

"Orient Health Supplement" is exclusively manufactured by the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology. The Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited was established by the Council of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1988 with a donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Its mission is to provide the catalyst and essential infrastructure for development of biotechnology and Chinese medicine industries in Hong Kong.

HKIB provides extensive services on infrastructure support, product and technology development, contract Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturing and GMP consultation and training. With its expertise, HKIB actively engages in process development and product commercialization as well as collaborative projects with industrial partners for fund application in bringing new technology and product development in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and Chinese medicine.

HKIB is a perfect institution with research capabilities and manufacturing facilities. With its advanced lab, HKIB is awarded with GMP and Licensed Food Factory by the Department of Health in Hong Kong, and manufacturing certificate by US FDA.

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Mechanism of "Orient Health Supplement"

The key property of "Orient Health Supplement" is to enhance immunity and improve organ function, aiming at healthy and preventive condition for human. The immune system is an inherited protection against any disease. The strong immunity can not only protect human from harmful pathogen from outside but also beat any infection caused by virus or bacterial, even eliminate the damaged cells. The strong immunity acts like a guard against all diseases internally and automatically.

The weak immunity can often cause fatigue, dizzy, tinnitus, agrypnia, head spin, cachexia, poor appetite, memory deterioration, joint pain, cold fear etc. Chronical deteriorated immunity may also cause malfunction of human organs, leading to relevant diseases and harming human health at large.

The effective ingredients of "Orient Health Supplement" help to induce and split cells at a large scale. The healthy cells will fight against pathogen and distorted cells, promoting normal function of human organs and preventing diseases from happening.


"Orient Health Supplement" is composed in a scientific way, collecting effective and nontoxic elements on purpose, targeting health recovery and disease prevention. Below are the property overview of major herbs.



There are descriptions on Radix Ginseng in the most ancient herbal medicine book "Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica". Radix Ginseng possesses its miraculous and extensive functions in nourishing human organs, easing spirit, stabilizing psyche, stopping pavor, improving eyesight, and supporting heart and wisdom. With those inherited medical properties, Radix Ginseng is named top one among all herbs. (Radix Ginseng at top among all herbs by Zhang Juntian)

Radix Ginseng contains multi chemicals. The major element is called Ginseng saponin. Other than that, Radix Ginseng possesses a wide range of other chemicals with amylose, protein, naphtha, amino, inorganic elements, peptides, multivitamin, organic acid, living alkali, axunge, flavone, enzyme, sterol, nucleoside, lignin etc. (Introduction on Radix Ginseng by Tu Honghai)

Over thousand years, Radix Ginseng has been treated as tonic to promote immunity, to relieve depression, fatigue, diabetes, and health damage by weak immunity. Traditional viewpoint believes that Radix Ginseng can boost human immunity through body cells. (Radix Ginseng at top among all herbs by Zhang Juntian)

With regard to pharmacology, research all over the world proves that effective elements from Radix Ginseng have miraculous function, particularly helpful in aging delay and beneficial in cognition or sexual ability suffered by aging diseases. There are two special traits of Radix Ginseng: one with multiple benefits but with almost no side effects or toxicity; one with protective role through improving nerve recovery or mobilizing nerve guard capabilities. (Radix Ginseng at top among all herbs by Zhang Juntian)

Radix Ginseng growing under tree has higher medicine value, bearing great tonics, strengthening body organ function, nourishing slaver while stopping cough, enhancing sexual ability, replenishing blood, helping cosmetology, favoring spirit, calming nerve and triggering wisdom, raising thinking caliber, boosting memories, resisting diseases, reinforcing immunity, withstanding fatigue, delaying aging, fighting against coldness or hotness, anticancer and disease prevention, accommodating immune system, full of vigor, and maintaining youthfulness. (Introduction on Radix Ginseng by Tu Honghai)

Radix Ginseng raised in garden tastes cooler and sweeter, suitable in tonic application, weakness changing, and fluid generation. Radix Ginseng is a good choice for those patients in weakness, cancer, liver, kidney, and chronical diseases. (Introduction on Radix Ginseng by Tu Honghai)

With development of medical science, Radix Ginseng growing naturally is being recognized with its miraculous role in treating cancer. In clinical practice on cancer treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, Radix Ginseng is being applied in almost all prescriptions. In recent years, medical scientists find out that Radix Ginseng is very effective in curing cancer. This Radix Ginseng can damage cancer cells at 99.9 percent while reducing tumor at 48.0 percent. (Introduction on Radix Ginseng by Tu Honghai)



Ganoderma is a perfect immune booster and adjuster. It is extremely beneficial in enhancing immunity while preventing cancer and infectious diseases. Ganoderma contains no toxicity or side effect. It can play a beneficial role in calming nerves, stopping cough, reducing blood pressure, treating heart disease etc. (Ganoderma VS Tumor / Chen Guoliang, Chen Hui, Zhang Yujuan)

Ganoderma contains no toxicity or side effect. It can play a beneficial role in calming nerves, stopping cough, reducing blood pressure, treating heart disease etc. (Ganoderma VS Tumor / Chen Guoliang, Chen Hui, Zhang Yujuan)

Lab Testing Reports (Hong Kong, Beijing, USA)
Tested by Hong Kong CMA Testing
China Science Academy of Inspection and Quarantine
Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories
"Orient Health Supplement" Nutrition Information is tested by Hong Kong CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories and is conformed to the Dietary Supplement Standards of Hong Kong.
"Orient Health Supplement" ingredients are tested through the Inspection and Test Center under China Science Academy of Inspection and Quarantine. (CAIQTEST).
"Orient Health Supplement" Nutrition Facts are tested by Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories.


The Faith Biomed (Shanghai) Company Limited has long engaged in research and sales in Biomed field, particularly in the area of anticancer medicine research and sales. In that regard, our company has been recommending "Orient Health Supplement" to many cancer patients as a supplement, resulting in very satisfactory effectiveness. At the same time, our company also recommends "Orient Health Supplement" to subhealthy group, responding very positively. "Orient Health Supplement" is very beneficial to health, easing up fatigue, improving sleep, increasing appetite, with almost no side effects observed. "Orient Health Supplement" is very much appreciated by many of our staff. 《ZHANG Qi, Chairman of the Faith Biomed (Shanghai) Company Limited》

Over the last three years, my patients have been using "Orient Health Supplement" as a dietary supplement to boost their immune system and revitalize bioenergy to their health. The results have been very satisfactory and most appreciated. This natural herbal formula has not been observed any side effects. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to stay healthy and preventive to some diseases. 《Dr. Bruce W. Park, Professor, New York, USA》

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