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Function and usage

Function and usage of "Orient Health Supplement"

Q: Can "Orient Health Supplement" be used to treat specified disease?

A: No. Although "Orient Health Supplement" is legally manufactured and for sale in Hong Kong it can not be used to treat any specified disease. It is strongly suggested that any specified disease must be treated only in the registered hospitals or clinics with government.

Q: What is the effective role of "Orient Health Supplement" as a dietary supplement food?

A: "Orient Health Supplement" aims at enhancing immune system and improving organ function. Immunity is the protective wall against any disease. If body immunity is kept strong many diseases cannot be originated or developed. However, prolonged weak immunity might cause all kinds of diseases, worsening quality of life, and damaging health. "Orient Health Supplement" is particularly beneficial to the subhealthy group and positively relieves those diseases by older, chronical, or function defected groups.

Q: How does "Orient Health Supplement" enhance immunity and improve health?

A: "Orient Health Supplement" triggers and splits lymphocyte in bone marrow at a large scale through effective elements of the "Orient Health Supplement". The immune cells can then attack the virus, bacteria, or distorted cells in the body, leading anti-disease and self-recovery capabilities, and achieving the results of prevention or treatment of diseases, helping finally to healthy healing. The mechanism is just like as immunizing treatment.

Q: What is the best daily time to take "Orient Health Supplement"? Can "Orient Health Supplement" be taken at the same time with other traditional Chinese medicine? Is it allowed to drink tea while taking "Orient Health Supplement"?

A: It is suggested to take "Orient Health Supplement" half an hour before or after breakfast and dinner, twice a day. It is better to take "Orient Health Supplement" and other traditional Chinese medicine separately with an interval of one and a half hours, avoiding role conflict of both "Orient Health Supplement" and traditional Chinese medicine. It is good to drink Gynostemma pentaphylla tea instead of drinking regular tea during taking "Orient Health Supplement".

Q: Can "Orient Health Supplement" be taken together with honey?

A: It is suggested that a spoon of pure honey be taken together with "Orient Health Supplement", which can enhance dose effectiveness. It is cautious for diabetes patient to take honey or it is better not to take honey at all.

Q: How long should the subhealthy people take "Orient Health Supplement" for preventing disease and consolidating health?

A: Generally speaking, subhealthy people should take "Orient Health Supplement" for six month dose in a consistent and serious manner. Then they should maintain healthy with good habit of daily life afterward.

Q: How long should the disease patients take "Orient Health Supplement" as a supplement treatment?

A: The patients with certain diseases need to be treated mainly in hospitals or clinics. However, "Orient Health Supplement", as a dietary supplement, can be used together with western treatment, reducing toxicity and enhancing white blood cells. No "Orient Health Supplement", is applied within 15 days after surgery. Normally, it is better to treat with "Orient Health Supplement" for twelve months in a consistent and serious manner. Then patients should maintain healthy with good habit of daily life thereafter.

Q: Are there any contraindications for people to take?

A: It is cautious for pregnant and children to take "Orient Health Supplement". Need to consult doctors before taking "Orient Health Supplement".

Orient Health Supplement

Notes on purchasing "Orient Health Supplement"

Q: It is understood that "Orient Health Supplement" is legally for sale in Hong Kong. Can "Orient Health Supplement" be purchased outside of Hong Kong?

A: "Orient Health Supplement" is legally manufactured and for sale in Hong Kong. People outside of Hong Kong can buy "Orient Health Supplement" through international mailing service. This service on "Orient Health Supplement" is mainly for personal consumption and it is not for commercial business.

Q: Is it also for people outside of mainland China to buy one box per mail order? How about mailing and handling expenses?

A: People outside of mainland China are free to buy any quantity of "Orient Health Supplement" but it is advised to buy within the taxable limit specified by different country in order to save import duties. China Natural Remedy Company Limited is responsible for the regular mailing and handling expenses, but the regular mailing service might be taking longer time than express service. If express delivery is needed, purchaser needs to pay the express service.

Q: Can "Orient Health Supplement" be returned after purchase?

A: No, it cannot be returned as this dietary health supplements is with expiry date. It is advised that purchaser buys "Orient Health Supplement" as needed and should avoid overpurchased issue.


Notes for American Purchasers

Q: Are the mailing and handling fees caused by American purchasers responsible by the China Natural Remedy Company Limited?

A: For American purchasers, China Natural Remedy Company Limited is also responsible for the regular mailing and handling fees, but the regular mailing takes longer time up to 70 days. If expressed mailing service is needed American purchasers are responsible for the cost of mailing and handling service.

Q: Are there any estimated costs for express mailing service from Hong Kong to USA?

A: The reference below is the estimated delivery time and cost by FedEx from Hong Kong to USA.

FedEx Delivery Time and Fee Schedule (in days and in US$)

(6 day delivery time)
1box 2boxes 3boxes 4boxes
US$140 US$157 US$178 US$215
(8 day delivery time)
1box 2boxes 3boxes 4boxes
US$131 US$140 US$160 US$180
Fresh vegetables and fruits

Notes for taking "Orient Health Supplement" (for reference only)

Avoid eating

Pork, beef, and mutton.
Mildew, pickled, fried, and barbecued food.
Anticorrosive and additive food.
Refined sugar foodstuff.
Avoid smoking, drinking liquor, and tea.

Encourage eating

Fresh, seasonal, and local vegetables and fruits.
Coarse cereals, oats etc.
Flaxseed oil or olive oil.
Natural stilled or spring water.
Freshly made juice from vegetables or fruits.

Suggested activities

Daily exercise suitable for each individual health.
Daily life and exercise in fresh air environment.
Sleep early, get up early; adapt to natural pattern; enough sleeping.
Lessening pressure, positive attitude, and relaxed spirit.
Stick to eating habits with mild salty, lesser oil, and no sugar food.

Notes on taking "Orient Health Supplement"

Half an hour before or after breakfast and dinner, twice a day.
Better to mix a spoon of pure honey with "Orient Health Supplement" (diabetes patients avoid honey).
Patients of some disease may take 12 Month dose as supplement treatment.
Subhealthy people may take 6 Month dose for consolidating health.

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